• Where can I get ballet clothes for lessons?
    – You can choose good quality ballet clothes in our web store on the website in the “clothes” section.

  • Can I join for the classes if I am beginner?
    – Yes, lessons are suitable for all ages and levels.

  • What the difference between classical ballet class and FitBallet class for adults?
    – The FitBallet lesson includes a set of exercises using elastic bands, fitballs and yoga blocks. Many exercises to improve flexibility, to strengthen muscles power, stretching exercises.
    – On the Classical ballet lesson, we mainly do a classical ballet exercise at the ballet barre, some stretching and warm-up exercises on the mats, as well jumps and movements in the center of the hall.

  • At what age can a child start studying in a children’s group on Wednesdays at 17:00?
    – From 3 years old.

  • Please tell me what is your schedule of group classes, start time of lessons and location?
    – Monday: Classical ballet class for beginners at 18:30 (Kiraly utca 19);
    – Tuesday: FitBallet class at 18:30 (Kiraly utca 19);
    – Wednesday: Kids ballet class at 17:00 (Juranyi utca 1);
    Thursday: Classical ballet class advanced level at 19:30 (Kiraly utca 19);
    – Friday: FitBallet class at 18:30 (Kiraly utca 19).

PAYMENT and Refund Policy

  • How can I join and pay for the lessons? 
    – By registering for a lesson on the website, select the lessons from the timetable, you can pay by bank card, or in cash after the class.
  • Can I attend FitBallet classes only on Fridays or only on Thursdays (once a week)?
    – Yes.
  • Is it possible to visit FitBallet once a week and classical ballet once a week? And, thus, to study in a group twice a week?
    – Yes.
  • Can I skip classes after paying for a monthly course that includes 8 lessons?  
    – You can skip one lesson from consecutive lessons without losing paid lessons, missing two or more classes will be considered passed. Except in cases where the lesson is canceled by the school. 
  • Can I get back the cost of the lessons that I did not attend for my own reasons?  
    – No.

  • Can I get back the cost of those lessons that were not held due to the fault of the school?
    – Yes.